Two orthogonal visions for U.S. health care: You get what you pay for

The future we believe in at Virta is orthogonal to the conventional approach in the business of U.S. health care
  1. Measurably improved health for millions of people—we don’t just focus on managing Type 2 Diabetes (T2D), or helping people live with the disease or remind them to take their meds. While we help every one of our patients, our primary goal is to reverse T2D. That is possible at scale thanks to our provider-led continuous remote care platform, offering 24x7 support multiple times a day per patient and individualizing our treatments to the N=1, each patient. Virta is not about selling tools to live with a disease, we are about making patients so healthy they can eliminate the need for T2D medications, such as insulin. (peer-reviewed clinical trial results demonstrating just that)
  2. Lower cost of care — it’s one thing to say a solution will/might/should lower some part of cost of care if well done. While it’s pretty obvious that eliminating a chronic disease, such as T2D and related costly medications saves money, our business model is such that we only get paid for results. We at Virta are economically incentivized to help people become healthy, not sell “more stuff” to get paid for more.
  3. Better personal experience — Almost everyone in health care claims to make users/patients/members happier and better. We reverse chronic diseases, such as T2D, fully remotely by meeting our patients where they are, physically and emotionally. That outcome alone is positively life changing in itself. Just imagine being able to stop sticking an insulin needle into your body multiple times a day after doing that for decades. In fact, my favorite example of a delightful patient is the Virta patient who tattoo’ed our company logo on her body after we reversed her T2D.




Founder & CEO @VirtaHealth on a mission to cure irreversible diseases, Co-Founder @Trulia, Data Geek. 8h24min Ironman & Triathlon world champ (ag).

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Sami Inkinen

Sami Inkinen

Founder & CEO @VirtaHealth on a mission to cure irreversible diseases, Co-Founder @Trulia, Data Geek. 8h24min Ironman & Triathlon world champ (ag).

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